Healthy Gaston

Developed by the Gaston Together Healthcare Commission, (GTHC), an initiative of Gaston Together, Healthy Gaston aims to improve the overall health of Gaston County. By engaging businesses, schools, and churches, the Healthy Gaston initiative seeks to create a culture of wellness and thereby improve the vitality of organizations and ultimately impact individual health.

Since 2014, the Healthy Gaston Initiative has been implemented by 32 Gaston County businesses, schools, and churches, inspiring more than 13,000 participants to begin creating a culture of wellness by focusing on three major health areas:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Increasing Physical Activity
  • Reducing Tobacco Use

Healthy Gaston recognition events and workshops are annually, along with periodic focus groups and workshops to provide the opportunity for organizations to network; learn about community wellness resources; and exchange ideas, successes, and challenges. Three levels of recognition encourage Healthy Gaston organizations to think outside the box and work toward making small changes to see big results!

Primary Funding Partners